Itis Mattei UrbinoITIS "Enrico Mattei" in Urbino, the only one in the province, was founded in 1960 with a course in metal mechanics. In a few years, under the chairmanship of Professor Fontana, the number of specialisations and locations multiplied, not only in the Collegio Raffaello but throughout the historic centre of Urbino. In 1970, the current premises were inaugurated in Via Luca Pacioli, designed by architect Edoardo Detti, one of the main exponents of the rationalist current in Italy.

Currently, the five-year course of study comprises a first two-year formative and orientation course, a second two-year and fifth formative and vocational year.

With the introduction of the 2010 Education Reform, the addresses were reorganised under the current denomination:

  • Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology
  • Electronics and Electrotechnics
  • Computer Science and Telecommunications
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy

At the end of the course of study, the degree enables a secure entry into the world of employment as well as the continuation of studies at university or higher technical education level.

Located in central position within the province, ITIS has always been attentive to its productive vocation through an educational commitment capable of taking into account innovation and research in different fields of technological development, safeguarding of the environment, sustainable development and renewable energy.

Located in a lively social and economic environment, characterised by craftsmanship, commercial and service companies, and SMEs with their strong points in the mechanical and woodworking sectors, over the years ITIS has created a dense relationship network, offering its students the opportunity to gain significant experience in "Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation", with company internships and orientation and training work placements.